October wrapped up our 2020 Apostle Build, Habitat’s 45th home built in Hancock County! We are excited to introduce our newest partner family, Allison Bowyer and her four children!

Allison has worked hard to better her family’s life for years. Taking parenting classes, Getting Ahead classes, graduating from college, but was never able to qualify for a conventional mortgage. Living in income based housing and never having a home of her own led her to apply to Habitat 3 years ago where she has been receiving financial coaching and education to improve her finances to finally be able to purchase a Habitat home, which Habitat will partner with her on a 30 year zero interest mortgage. “I can’t wait to start building and watch it come together and see my children’s faces once we are in our very own forever home.” Allison has prepared for their new home by attending home ownership, and Dave Ramsey Financial Peace classes and will invest 400 hundred hours of sweat equity into building their Habitat house and working at the ReStore.

“I’m not really sure I really know how life turned out the way it did. I certainly never planned on being a single parent, let alone a single parent of 4. But here we are. It’s been 16 years of struggling to try to get ahead and do better for my kids. Sixteen years of trying to give them more than I had. Sixteen years of feeling like I’ll never get there or be enough.
I’ve tried to better our lives for years. I’ve taken parenting classes, completed the Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World Training, graduated from college, and I’ve tried time and time again to get a mortgage and secure a home for my family. We always get turned down.

We have lived in income based housing for years and never had a home that was truly ours, which was my one dream for us. A friend and mentor who is a Habitat Homeowner suggested I apply for a home. I did, about 3 years ago, and was denied due to my credit history. I sought out an attorney to look into debt consolidation. Upon speaking with her, she advised I file bankruptcy instead. That was hard for me to do, but I took her advice and filed. After everything went through, I applied again with Habitat. I was informed I had to wait 2 years before I could try again. So I waited and then reapplied. This time, I met with Shelly, talked about why I felt this would be good for my family and I, and she got me started right away on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University classes. I got a lot out of those. I actually really enjoyed them.
I started going to counseling to find better ways to manage my stress. I assumed we had been passed over and planned on rebuilding my credit and applying again next spring. I felt disappointed but at least we had a plan. Not long after I decided we had not been chosen, I got a call asking about a home interview. I had the pleasure of meeting Phyllis and Sam and sitting with them to discuss everything. I was super nervous!

In the middle of all of this, I had left my job of 5 years for a newer, higher paying job with more hours and more room for growth. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a creature of habit so that is a huge thing for me. Not too long after, we had a committee interview and the kids and I were full of nerves. We finished and I told the kids, “What is meant to be, will be”. A few days later, we were asked to come back for a second committee interview. This time, I was more nervous than the first time. The day dragged on while I thought about the millions of things they could possibly want to ask us. Time finally came and we walked in only to be surprised with the most amazing news…that our family had been selected to be the next Habitat Partner Family! I’m still shocked and still can’t believe it most days.
I can’t wait to start building and watch it come together and see my children’s faces once we are in our very own forever home.”

-Allison Bowyer
(Fall 2020 Apostle Build Partner Family)