In 2022 we helped four families during our Spring and Fall builds. While each has their own unique story and journey to home ownership, they all are thrilled to be new home owners.  Click read more to view the stories of the Sweet, Tate, Wilford and Tiell families.

The Tiell Family

Austin and Cari are both from Carey, OH and met at a high school football game in 2019. They became engaged in September of 2020, and married on October 23, 2021.

Austin is a cashier at a local grocery store and Cari works a local pizzeria. Together they qualify for a mortgage through Habitat for Humanity. Austin and Cari are very down to earth and kind people with a great sense of humor.

They jumped right in and began completing the requirements for our program and in no time they were ready for a home visit.  Austin’s mother is a very integral part of their lives and she strongly encouraged them to apply for Housing. Once they applied with HFH and completed the financial education requirement, they were then eligible for a home visit with our Family Services team. This team then had to determine if Austin and Cari met the three criteria for housing which is: need for shelter, willingness to partner, and ability to pay.

Once it was determined they qualified, they were approved by the Board and we were blessed with the opportunity to surprise them with this news.

Every family follows these same steps when they apply for our New Homeownership Program. We offer educational pieces to our program in order to ensure a family’s success as a homeowner.