This year will be one of the busiest years on record for Habitat for Humanity Findlay/Hancock County.

Three House builds scheduled:

House #35  Ash Ave Rehab – Habitat’s 1st rehab project.

House #36 The Signature build (June) – funded by the Signature Gala

House #37 Women’s build (Sept) – encouraging women to build

Home Repair:

Family Services committee is working with a number of families for repair projects this spring


May 2015 Habitat opened a second ReStore.  Both stores have been very successful funding programs.  They continue to grow.  March 20th starts the ReStore Re-Flip – come join Big Dave and The Kahuna for a friendly competition.

Habitat office remodel:

Because of growth, Habitat expanded the conference room to create a  Volunteer Training Center.


Habitat’s mission is driven by volunteers.  If you want to volunteer for for any of these projects please call 419/429-1400 or email [email protected]