In 2022, we helped four families during our Spring and Fall builds. While each has their own unique story and journey to home ownership, they all are thrilled to be new home owners.  Click read more to view the stories of the Sweet, Tate, Wilford and Tiell families.

The Sweet Family


Shari and her son Kaleb are from Findlay.

Shari has worked at Jac and Do’s Pizza since she was 15.  You may have had her deliver your last Large Pepperoni. She is a single mom to 14-year-old Kaleb. She has also helped to raise  four nephews and nieces

Kaleb is a Freshman.  He is an honor roll student and in advanced Math courses.  He is active in Marching Band, Pep Band and Concert Band. He sings in the choir, and is quick on the buzzer of the Quiz Bowl Team.  He is looking forward to his own room in his new home where he can show his creative side.

Shari and Kaleb were homeless three years ago. For the first time Shari felt as if she was failing as a parent. Changes were in order, her son (and her) deserved better. With the help of Metro Housing she was able to get their first apartment, but it is on the third floor and a consistent challenge with Shari’s compromised health issues.

Their journey with Habitat started after a long talk with her mom about changing their living situation, she encouraged her to apply. She was scared and figured she wouldn’t qualify.  After completing the financial education courses and with the Financial Opportunity Center,  and meeting the eligibility, she was approved!

Shari and Kaleb are so grateful to the Habitat family, and all who are making their dreams come true!