Apply to Home Repair Program

The Backyard Mission Trip and Habitat for Humanity (the Collaboration) are working together to serve our friends and neighbors in Hancock County throughout the year. We are collaborating with many church congregations and organizations throughout the county to serve individuals who have asked for our assistance.

When it’s time to scope your project, someone will contact you to visit your home and discuss your project, including materials needed and times the team will be available to work. This person will be your contact person for the duration of your project. Projects are prioritized by health, safety and accessibility. Based on donations, volunteers and complexity, your request in part or its entirety may be completed by Backyard Mission Trip, Habitat for Humanity, in collaboration with another organization, or may be declined. If your project is complex or requires licensed contractors, several community organizations may have to partner over a period of time to address the repairs.

Please understand that those involved with the Backyard Mission Trip and Habitat for Humanity are all volunteers and that both time and financial resources are limited. They serve with gratitude and grace, but acknowledge that not all tasks may be completed.

For more information or to submit this application: Becky Greeno at 419-379-4903 or via Findlay Municipal Building Lobby Dropbox, 318 Dorney Plaza or Kris Lowry at 419-429-1400 x 6 or at Habitat for Humanity, 1200 Commerce Pkwy. Findlay OH. To apply On-Line: visit or

By submitting your application, you consent to your information being shared with the Collaborative. We will limit access to the spreadsheet to the Collaboration staff and leadership