Apply to Home Repair Program

Repair Programs’ Application Process- may take up to 6 months before your repairs can begin if accepted.

1. Call us at 419.429.1400

A Habitat team member will talk with you about your needs in order to determine if your project scope is appropriate for our program and if a partnership is possible. If so, a Repair Program application is sent to you.

2. Complete and return the repair application

Information covers family income, expenses, and assets, property information, and permission for us to run a credit check and background check. All requested documentation must be provided. (application below)

3. Participate in a home visit by members of the Repair Team

Your application will be reviewed and the project scope will be assessed.

4. Appropriate applications are forwarded to the Repair Selection Committee to be considered for approval.

You will be notified as to the outcome of your application.

Home Repair Application

  • Applicant Information

  • Co-Applicant Information

  • Applicant Employment Information

  • Co-Applicant Employment Information

  • Dependents

  • Household Income (Monthly) Include all sources for applicant, co-applicant and all individuals listed as dependents.

  • Household Expenses (Monthly)

  • Home Repair Needs

  • Authorization and Release

    I understand that by completing this application, I am authorizing Habitat for Humanity of FIndlay/Hancock County to: 1. evaluate my actual need for a home repair 2. evaluate my ability to repay the 0% interest loan 3. evaluate my willingness to be a partner family. I understand that the evaluation will include personal visits, a credit check and employment verification. I have the right to request additional disclosures as provided under section (b) of Section 606 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). I have answered all the questions on this application truthfully, my application may be denied, and that even if I have already been selected to receive a home repair, I may be disqualified from the program. The original or a copy of this application will be retained by Findlay/Hancock County Habitat even if the application is not approved. I understand that I am committing to live in the home for at least two years after completion of the project. I authorize Findlay/Hancock County Habitat to obtain a credit report on each applicant. This information may be used to establish credit worthiness to fulfill the debt obligation. I give permission for other agencies providing services to me/my family to release to FIndlay/Hancock County Habitat or other partner agencies assisting with my repairs any and all information Findlay/Hancock County Habitat may request as necessary in processing and determining the amount /type of home repair assistance I will receive. I understand the information will be held in confidence and will be used for the sole purpose of facilitating home repairs. I acknowledge that I will be responsible to pay a 10% down payment for the repairs, followed by monthly payments at 0% interest. As part of my "sweat equity" requirement, I will be present for the duration of the home repair. Exemptions must be discussed with the HRM construction manager before work begins. As part of my "sweat equity" requirement, I will ensure that the exterior and interior areas to be repaired will be clean of trash and objects that may interfere with repairs. I will provide drinking water and allow volunteers to use my bathroom. I will also grant permission for volunteers to help with the home repairs.
  • Allow 30-90 days for your application to be processed.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.