Habitat for Humanity of Findlay/Hancock County is excited to welcome our newest, (AND LARGEST) partner family, The Proctor family!
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At just 36 years old, Rachel Proctor has weathered much adversity in her lifetime. After completing the 11th grade, Rachel left school to start a family, which now includes seven children, aged 8 to 18. Rachel dedicated herself to raising her children including rising to the challenge of a diagnosis of Sickle Cell Anemia in two of her children. Sickle cell anemia is an inherited form of anemia — a condition in which there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen throughout your body, and can cause many health complications.

Life was not easy for Rachel and after enduring many challenges throughout an abusive 13 year relationship, Rachel knew that she wanted more for herself and her children. Her grit, determination and unwavering faith in God propelled her toward a better life for her family. In true survivor fashion, Rachel gathered enough strength to leave her home in Toledo, Ohio and she and her children relocated to Findlay six years ago. Rachel considers this move as the hardest, yet best thing she has ever done for her family.

Since her arrival in Findlay, Rachel has worked hard to provide stability and security for her kids. She stayed with a friend for two weeks while trying to find a home she could afford for her and her family. Eventually, Rachel found a three bedroom home for $820 a month. All four teenage daughters share a 10 x 6 room while the three boys share another 10 x 6 room. There is not enough room in this little home for a family of nine, but it was the only housing that Rachel could afford.

She participated in Dave Ramsey Financial Peace as part of her application process with Habitat which has helped her build a solid credit history and to purchase a vehicle last year. Rachel found full-time employment, where she met her fiancé Kevin, who she describes as her number one supporter and biggest fan. Kevin quickly became a source of comfort and love for not only Rachel, but for her seven children as well.

During one of their many shopping trips to ReStore, Rachel decided she wanted to learn more about home ownership. She spoke to an advocate at Hope House, who gave her a Future Habitat Homeowner Application Form, and within a few days she had submitted the application to our office.

Rachel Proctor and her family exemplifies every aspect of what we look for in a partner family. We are so excited to welcome them, and the challenge of building our largest home ever – for our largest family ever. We look forward to making their dreams come true with a home of their own!

House #44 Rehab 2020
Deconstruction began January 6, 2020
Blessing February 19, 2020
Dedication June 20, 2020