Will Habitat for Humanity give me a home?

No, but if you meet the criteria and are accepted into the Homeownership Program, you will purchase a home with a 0% interest mortgage. The length of the mortgage can vary from 20-30 years depending on the house price and your family income. Depending on the home selected, monthly payments (including taxes and insurance) are normally between $450 to $600.

What kinds of homes does Habitat for Humanity build?

All of our homes are simple, decent and affordable homes for you and your family. Some homes are existing homes that are renovated so that no major repairs are needed for at least 10 years. Some homes are built new as 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms depending on your family size. If needed, homes can be built or renovated (when possible) to ADA standards.

Where are the homes that you sell?

All homes are in Hancock County, primarily in Findlay and normally in the Findlay City School District. There are periodically homes available outside the city limits.

How long is the process to purchase a home?

The application process can take up to a few months (partly dependent on you) and then, if approved for the program, it takes at least 12-18 months to purchase a home. The completion of your home will depend on the overall construction schedule and other variables including funding sources, building requirements, and whether it is a new build or rehab of an existing home.

Will Habitat for Humanity run a credit check?

Yes. Once the application is filled out at the application meeting, the Family Services Manager will review your income and pull your credit report. However, we do not pull a credit score.

To receive a free credit report, visit CreditReport.com

What is expected of Future Homeowners if accepted into the Homeownership Program?

Once approved for the program, each Future Homeowner will be required to complete at least 400 sweat equity hours (volunteer hours) prior to closing on their house. As part of Sweat Equity, Future Homeowners attend required monthly education and financial education meetings and communicate twice a month with a Support Partner who is a volunteer that helps each Future Homeowner through the program.

For more information about Sweat Equity, see the next question.

We also ask Future Homeowners to demonstrate a Willingness to Partner. This includes advocating for Habitat for Humanity and decent housing, fulfilling requirements and communicating any changes in your life (job, family, health) to us in a timely way.

What is Sweat Equity?

Sweat Equity is the way that you partner with us and work alongside team members and volunteers. Each Future Homeowner must complete at least 400 volunteer sweat equity hours. Friends and family may help work some of these hours.

Sweat equity is completed primarily through:

  • volunteer hours on construction sites, especially on your future home
  • volunteer hours in the office and at ReStore
  • required educational classes each month that provide information about the responsibilities of homeownership, home maintenance, and mortgage documents
  • required financial management class which is incorporated into the monthly classes
  • attendance at the Home Blessings and Home Dedications for your home as well as for other Future Homeowners
  • all required work is modified to the abilities of each future homeowner

Through Sweat Equity, you are preparing for the jump into homeownership.