“Spend half of a day at Habitat and I promise it will change your life.”

As native of Hancock County, Anne Stapley has always had a passion for helping her fellow community members. Anne manages to balance her family, her job at First Federal Bank, and her volunteer work with the Kiwanis Club of Findlay, and Habitat for Humanity.

As Secretary of the Habitat Board, her role is to provide meeting minutes that are useful to the other members of the board.

Anne says her heart has been with Habitat since 2010, when she helped launch the ReStore with her Hancock Leadership class. This volunteer opportunity sparked her “Habititus”, which has led to 8 years and counting of volunteer work at Habitat.

Anne’s love for the organization shows through her dedication to produce quality work in a timely manner.

“Whenever you’re feeling blue or in a rut, go help somebody. It will reset you and puts everything into perspective. That’s what Habitat does,” says Stapley