In 2022 we helped four families during our Spring and Fall builds. While each has their own unique story and journey to home ownership, they all are thrilled to be new home owners.  Click read more to view the stories of the Sweet, Tate, Wilford and Tiell families.

The Willford Family

Lindsay Willford is a single mother of 18-year-old Malachi and 11-year-old Memphis. Lindsay believes everything happens for a reason. She began her journey with Habitat in 2017 as a Repair family in need of a new furnace. Lindsay still lives in the mobile home that we repaired for her and it is falling apart. Instead of putting more money in this home, she decided to apply with Habitat for a home. She is so excited to partner with Habitat again this time as a Partner family. Lindsay has come a long way in life and is grateful for all the help she has received along the way. She is currently working as an LPN at a local assisted living facility and has a servant’s heart!

Malachi has a bright future ahead of him! He is interested in pursuing a career in welding, and in his free time he likes to participate in demolition derbies.

Memphis is a bright young man with a special interest and talent in math.

Every family follows the same steps when they apply for our New Homeownership Program. We offer educational pieces to our program in order to ensure a family’s success as a homeowner.